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About Lindsey

Lindsey Joelle Miller was the love of our lives. Her loss is devastating and incomprehensible
  • Lindsey had the extraordinary ability to fill a room with positive energy and bring out the best in everyone she met
  • She was a beautiful, loving, caring, considerate young woman
  • She was a bit more intelligent, a bit more mature, a bit more knowing, a bit more savvy
  • She lived an extraordinary life filled with achievements and success
  • She radiated an energy that was incandescent, positive, and optimistic
  • She traveled to many parts of the world, experienced different cultures and sampled strange foods
  • She radiated love, compassion and caring
  • Lindsey had a great sense of humor and she loved to laugh, and to laugh loudly and to laugh often
  • She never met a sport she didn't like or a challenge she didn't meet
  • She was loved by her family, friends, and teachers
  • Lindsey will be forever missed

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