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About the Memorial

In honor of Lindsey's memory, we have created the "Lindsey Joelle Miller Memorial Fund", under the auspices of the Community Foundation for Montgomery County (CFMC). Creating the Lindsey Joelle Miller Memorial Fund is our way of expressing our enduring and never ending love for her. Your contribution will help us honor Lindsey's memory and bring hope to children in need.
  • To support Charities and Charitable Organizations that support children in need and whose missions are reflective of Lindsey's values and compassion
  • 100% of the donations made to her Memorial Fund is used to help child focused causes
  • All the work is performed by volunteers
  • All expenses and overhead are paid by Linsdey's family
  • We know how happy Lindsey would be that we honor her memory in this way
Due Diligence
  • All the charities we support are picked with love and great care
  • Each charity must have a clear vision and purpose
  • Each charity must have at least 80% of the donations go to the children in need
  • The grants we make are reviewed and approved by the board of the MCCF
The Community Foundation of Montgomery County - CFMC
  • The Lindsey Joelle Miller Memorial Fund is "housed" at the CFMC
  • The CFMC is part of the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region
  • They oversee all compliance and regulatory issues
  • They provide independent auditing and investment services
  • They process all Grants and Scholarships